Sha384 With Ecdsa Openjdk

Όνομα: Παντελής Κουκούσουλας, moc.liamg|ssotkp#moc.liamg|ssotkp
Project: OpenJDK
Γλώσσα: Java
Στόχος: Υλοποίηση αλγορίθμου sha384 with ECDSA για το OpenJDK
Άτομα: 2
Βαθμός Δυσκολίας: Μέτριος

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  • Needed to add a suitable for 'SHA384withECDSA' provider into '' config-file.
  • Supposedly SHA384withECDSA provided by with NSS as the native backend, as described in: with the following config-file:
name = NSS
nssLibraryDirectory = /usr/lib ## or /usr/lib/nss on Gentoo
nssDbMode = noDb
attributes = compatibility

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